04 April 2007

7 Steps in Managing Stress

Be realistic about your work
  • Accept your strengths and limitations.
  • Develop a positive attitude towards your work.
  • Enjoy what you do and do it as best as you can.
  • The work is your responsibility,do not do the work to please somebody.

Organize your work
  • Manage your time well.
  • Prioritize your work and avoid a last minute rush.
  • If possible avoid bringing unfinished work home.
  • Know how to delegate your work,this is very important.
  • Keep your paperwork tidy and well organized in folders.

Sharpen your problem solving skills
  • Address problems rationally and plan solutions systematically.
  • List down the main problems and possible solutions.
  • Evaluate the feasibility of each solution.
  • Have a group discussion on how to solve the problems.
  • Learn to accept critics and use it to improve yourself.
  • Take appropriate action.
  • Think carefully before making decisions.

Have a proper attitude towards changes.
  • Some changes are unavoidable.Be open,flexible and realistic about them.
  • Slowly blend yourself into the changes .
  • Tell your superior in a polite way if you have ideas on how to improve the situation.
  • Do not protest against the changes immediately upon implementation before trying them first.

Practise effective communication at the workplace.
  • Be assertive,not aggressive.
  • Express your idea in a polite,firm and clear manner.
  • Respect your colleagues' opinions.
  • Think carefully before you say something important.

Foster social support within the workplace
  • Establish friendships with colleagues,good relationship really helps.
  • List down all the people and organizations which may be able to help you.
  • Share your problems with someone whom you can confide in.
  • Take time to listen.
  • Do not judge your colleagues.

Practise a healthy lifestyle.
  • Learn to relax.
  • Have enough sleep.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Have some enjoyable activities or hobbies.
  • Spend enough time with your family.
  • Go on holiday travels at least once in a while.
  • Refrain from tobacco,alcohol and drugs.
  • Do not think about your work when you are not at your workplace.
  • Practise good moral and religious values.

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Bai Maleiha B. Candao said...

Thanks for posting this article. It will truly help those who are in constant pressure everyday.

I appreciate the comment you left on my blog, "My Poetic Soulful World".

You write very well. Your thoughts are candid and straight to the point. Truthfulness is a needed quality in writing and you have lots of it.

Keep it up! God bless. :)

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