10 April 2007

How Much Time Is Left For Us ?

One of my colleague at workplace passed away last week due to a heart attack. We were shocked to hear the sad news. Some of his close friends went to his hometown to attend his funeral. As usual, none of the bosses were interested to know. What they were interested at that time was to get a critical project accomplished without a delay, the project which my colleague who died was also involved in it. He was working all the way from Friday morning to Saturday morning, got a day off on Saturday for that long hours of work and died Sunday morning. He died before reaching the age of fifty.

That was last week. This morning I received a call from my sister telling me that an old friend of mine had just passed away. He went to bed last night and did not wake up the next day. He died at the age of thirty five. I felt very sad because I never had a chance to meet him for the past few years and I did not make any effort to do so. I took his phone number from my sister a couple of months ago but I didn't spare any time to make a call. I pray that his soul will rest in peace.

I took this as a reminder that the day-to-day stuff we deal with is just temporary. We're all here for a short duration of time. Death will arrive sooner or later. Too bad if death arrives when we are too busy working and failed to spend enough time with the loved ones.

I looked at myself in the mirror and said, "Am I really getting ready to turn 33?" I don't think I look like it. I know I don't feel like it. Wasn't I just eighteen years old when I joined the company as a trainee? Didn't I just had my first child? Am I crazy, or is that first child is going to school now?!

Time does fly, and while our pursuit of success is a good thing, it is also good to keep our feet on the ground and remember that the time for us to leave will arrive one day and we have to be prepared for it. Don't let it hold us back from our journey to success but let it help us to balance our life. Let it remind us not to be too much focused on achieving our goal so much so that we forget the other aspects in life.

As I write this message, my family is getting ready to go to bed, so I best get ready as well. My children are happy because I spent some time with them today even though I returned home late. I pray that I would be given a chance to meet tomorrow. But I'm pretty sure that it will be a day where most of my time would be spent at work.

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