28 February 2013

Sinking Into Memories

An incessant beat of old melody
Clings to my ears so firmly
As I step into a quiescent journey
To the realm of past secrecy
Hidden deep in the midst of history

Down in the street of the erstwhile city
A youth walking tall in vanity
In black jacket and leather boots, hiding innocency
And a careless mind neglecting purity
Like an eagle soaring the sky, young and free

Under a gray sky, pale and gloomy
I see him dwell in uncertainty
In an enclosed cube of fantasy
Drifting in strong waves of confused philosophy
Colored with deep sorrow and ecstasy

Deep in the bygone valley
Remains of wasted time lie sadly
Murdered in the empty void unintentionally
And buried beneath an obscure verdancy
Nothing but worthless cries to accompany

Beyond the four faded walls lies his mansion
Shattered love and tears, his deep emotion
Heavy riffs and melodies, his strong passion
Words and honesty, his failed aspiration
Loneliness and emptiness, his sad affliction

Suddenly the gray outcast sky darkens
And soon the rain arrives in silence
The voice fades and the scene blackens
Colors bleed into the wet barren
I quickly run for a sheltering haven

In the darkness of the past, lost astray
I open my eyes to find a flash of sun ray
Rouse to the brightness of the present day
To walk abreast with time outside delay
Leaving memories in the hall of yesterday

A poem about someone who sank deep into thoughts of his youth days; longing for the freedom he felt during the period and regretting some of the decisions he made in the past, lifestyle he developed, time he misspent and worthless relationships he entered into. His musing was then interrupted and as he woke up from his daydream, he quickly realized that it is the exchange of joy and hardships that makes life colorful and it is the responsibilities shouldered that make life fruitful. He also realized that life is meaningful when we live it to the fullest with what we are blessed with rather than mourning the past and thinking of what we don't have.

Photography by Pu3huk.

06 February 2013

Hecticness is Over and A Liebster Tag

The constant stress I was experiencing for the past few weeks is finally over. The project was completed yesterday. The aircraft left the hangar and made a safe take-off. The last few days of the project were so challenging. I had to work for 27 hours, from Sunday morning to Monday noon without a nap. It was a painful experience. I took a day's leave today to rest, and hoping that the next project would not be as stressful as this.

The situation at work is quite unpleasant at the moment. The company is reducing its staff to compensate for the continuous losses in the past years, hence I had to do more work than usual. I worked everyday without a day off for the past 30 days, clocking almost 13 hours each day. It doesn't always happen but going through such situation is so stressful. It eats up my health and happiness and leaves me tired, grumpy, lazy and dull.


I'm tagged again with Liebster Blog Award, and this time by Tanya at Coveted Dreams. I was given eleven questions about myself and following are my answers to the questions;

One dream you would like to complete before you die?
I very much hope I could do something I love for a living.

Have you ever fallen in love?
A few times, not in the recent years.

Are you satisfied with your blogging journey so far?
Certainly not. I do not have enough time to write and explore the blogosphere. Time is always the hurdle. I don't update my blog regularly thus I'm still far from being a blogger.

Would you like to change something in your past, if given a chance? What is it ? (If you like to share...)
Yes. I have wasted much time during my youth days doing useless things and I wish I could go back and fill those periods with something useful. I have also at that time paused many times to weep and regret the past. I wasted much time hoping and waiting for someone not worth waiting for. I wish I could change that too.

Love marriage or arrange marriage?
My wife and I, we went through a love marriage. I'm not against arranged marriage as long as it is done appropriately and does not creep into a forced marriage.

You prefer singing or dancing when alone?
Singing, preferably with a guitar.

Which book are you currently reading?
None. With the current hectic situation, I have to temporarily put aside my reading, hopefully not for too long.

Beautiful or cute? What would you prefer in a life partner? (I know love is blind)
Either one or both. It doesn't matter as I learned that there are other much important aspects in a marriage.

Your favorite cartoon character?
Perry the Platypus in Phineas and Ferb.

Your favorite movie, of all time?
Gladiator is a great movie.

How would you describe your life journey in a single word?
I don't know, perhaps "bittersweet" says it all.

Photography by Bibrambla.

19 January 2013


I'm going through a hectic time. The past seven days were so stressful for me. There was great amount of workload at work with minimum staff and minimum time to accomplish. I was working 13 hours a day with no day off and this is going to continue on for another week or two. My work involves both physical activities and paperwork hence I feel so tired when I get back home. I go to bed early to get enough rest and therefore I could not blog at the moment. I'm sorry that I could not visit your blogs and read your wonderful posts. I hope that the current hectic period will end soon and until then, I will miss my blogging friends.

03 January 2013

Another Year

The last streak of light vanishes
Another year resigns and disappears
Fades into history of the past
Wraps up in time and lays to rest

Like a driblet of cold rain
Descending to the wide ocean
Like a tiny flake of snow
Melting on a vast meadow

Memories gather and archive
Deep in the library of life
As past resolutions fade
Present resolutions parade

And so the night inches
A new year emerges
Welcomed with oceans of cheer 
The birth of another day sheer

The old man's age climbs higher
With obligations growing heavier
Is time shrinking further
Or am I turning hastier?

A year remains a year
So long as I reserve the fear
To open the door to the other side
Where answers to uncertainties reside

Happy New Year to all my blogging buddies and dear readers. May this New Year brings you happiness and success in everything you do.

Photography by Filmspiegel.

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