19 January 2013


I'm going through a hectic time. The past seven days were so stressful for me. There was great amount of workload at work with minimum staff and minimum time to accomplish. I was working 13 hours a day with no day off and this is going to continue on for another week or two. My work involves both physical activities and paperwork hence I feel so tired when I get back home. I go to bed early to get enough rest and therefore I could not blog at the moment. I'm sorry that I could not visit your blogs and read your wonderful posts. I hope that the current hectic period will end soon and until then, I will miss my blogging friends.


  1. It's ok, Zunnur. We'll be waiting for you. You have to prioritize what's more important in your life.

    Don't let stress gets the better part of you. :)

  2. Once you return, you'll have to do overtime in blogging as well. :D

    Don't worry! Blogging is something that is meant to give you relaxation. You'll feel great when you can blog again.
    See you! :)

  3. Will be missing your writing and looking forward to hearing from you again. Don't let work eat you up :)

  4. It happens quite often we are not able to dedicate time to the blog but it always remains close to the heart..

  5. everybody has hectic days,,but how we tackle ,, does matter,

  6. No problem! Hope you will get more free time soon :)

  7. A lovely post !
    Your blog has been nominated for the Liebster Blog Awards, please do check the link below :


    P.S: Life will always be hectic, you need to learn how to take out time to do what you love :)

  8. Wow you worked a lot of hours. And not having a day off sounds hard. I hope you get more days off in the future.


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