24 May 2007

A Little Time That Meant A Lot

I finished work at 7 in the evening and reached home about half an hour later. As usual, the kids gave me a warm and cheerful welcome at the door. Normally, I would spend some time playing with them when I'm back but it didn't happen today as I was so exhausted. I walked into the bedroom and lied down on the bed for a short rest but eventually fell asleep.

I woke up at about an hour later. Realizing that I was awake, my children gathered around me and gave me another 'warm welcome'. My youngest climbed and sat on my stomach for a 'horse ride'. I was delighted and felt grateful to be blessed with children. I spent some time playing with them before leaving to take a bath.

Feeling fresh after a nice home cooked dinner, I felt like writing something in this blog. As I sat down in front of my computer, ideas started to pour in. I was about to type the first letter when my 5-year old son appeared. He asked if I could help him with a jigsaw puzzle he was playing in the living room. I walked with him to the living room and saw the puzzle cuts scattered on the floor. I sat down and helped him to fill in a few gaps. Then I told him to continue finding the rest.

I returned to my computer and put my fingers back on the keyboard. I typed in a few words when suddenly my son popped up again. He told me that he was stuck and need my help again with the jigsaw puzzle. At this point, I started to feel annoyed with his interruption. However, I calmed down and walked again to the living room. I helped him a bit more and returned to my computer.

Few minutes later, he appeared again for the same reason. I could not control myself and raised my voice at him. I told him to go to bed and finish building the puzzle tomorrow. He left with a very sad face. I felt very bad. He must be very sad and frustrated. He was so eager to finish the crossword puzzle.

I switched off the computer and walked to the living room. He was there sitting on the floor next to the puzzle. I sat down and told him that I'm going to help him finish the puzzle tonight. He was so delighted and I saw happiness in his eyes.

As we were filling the puzzle gaps together, I realized how meaningful it is to my son this little time I spent for him. It didn't cost me much after all.

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