06 May 2007

The People Who Steal My Time

Traffic jam is usual in the morning and evening of weekdays in this town. I am patient enough to queue in a traffic jam while the cars slowly crawl to their destinations. Listening to the radio helps me avoid getting stressed out.

I don't really get tensed up with traffic jam but the thing that really annoys me is the unscrupulous drivers who cut queues. It is surprising to see the number of drivers who does that. Although I always feel like giving them a punch right at their noses, or more practically to give them a honk and show a middle finger, I always advise myself not to climb down to their dirty level in order to satisfy my anger.

Best thing to do is to sit back and relax, ignore and stay away from trouble. I'm saying this because there were cases where people got walloped and even killed as results of quarrels on the road. Don't aspect people who behave so badly on the road to have good moral values.

One of my neighbours leaves early in the morning to avoid the situation. If the traffic jam is bad, I would usually take the highway although I have to drive additional of twenty kilometres. It is still worth it as I don't have to watch the act of the selfish drivers.

These immoral drivers, whether they realize or not, are actually trying to save their time by taking away other people's time. Even if I just loose ten or fifteen minutes to the queue cutters, it is still my precious time. Ten minutes a day adds up to an hour after six days. Therefore besides calling them stubborn, stupid, selfish and impatient, I also labelled them as the people who steal my time.


  1. You have such a capacity for forgiveness....or a way to look at things so intelligently like not wanting to stoop to their level and give them the finger...

    and yes, they are time wasters. I think that's a good way of looking at it.

  2. Great post. I am facing many of these issues as well..


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