06 September 2007

A Little Hut, the Candles and Me.

The strong wind of busyness was blowing hard at that time. Again, it robbed me of my precious time that I kept for myself and my loved ones. I thought of moving out of this place, to escape from the bad situation, but I didn't want to make a hasty decision and end up in regret later. After all, this unpleasant period would usually disappear after torturing me for some time.

I spent a bit of my time after work to build a small hut beside the road. I thought of using it as a place for me to spend a little time to write my heart out during this difficult moments, hoping that it would help me to feel a bit better. The hut was small, ugly and the inside was dark and empty, except for a table and a chair for me to sit and write.

I started to spend my free time in the little hut, writing whatever crossed my mind. It was very difficult to write as the hut was in darkness, but I still carried on writing. Whenever I had opportunities, I would spend my time in this little hut.

After a few months, the strong wind which swept away my joy of life stopped blowing, and I was back to normal life. I was so happy, but aware that such a time might come again in the future. From then on, I seldom visited my little hut, I didn't really needed it anymore. In fact, after a while, I felt quite unpleasant to write in the darkness of the hut. On top of that, I don't usually stick to doing the same thing for a long period unless I really enjoy it. The only thing that has never bored me since I was a kid is reading. After all, writing is not my passion, I'm not good at it at all, I didn't enjoy it and I did it just to get rid of some unpleasant emotions, and now, it was all over. I thought that it was time for me to lock the door and say goodbye to the little hut.

One day, as I was walking towards the hut. From far, I noticed a flickering light coming from the hut's window. I rushed and opened the door, and to my surprise, there was a burning candle on the table. Somebody must had left it there, a stranger. The light of the candle had brighten the gloom. It was bright enough that I could actually write comfortably now. I took out a piece of paper and wrote a few words, the light from the candle aided me and I felt satisfaction. Darkness is no more a reason for me to lock the door, I postponed my plan and walked home.

A few days after that, I returned to the hut, and again, I was caught in surprise as there was another burning candle on the table. Now, the room became even brighter and to spend my time writing in the hut turned into something I enjoyed.

Since then, every once a while, I would find new candles burning on the table. The strangers who left the candles are nice and kind people. They had unknowingly encouraged me to keep the hut alive as a place for me to write.

Today, I still spend my free time in the hut. I had named it "A Little Time". I still write, but for a reason I'm not quite sure of. May be, its just that I don't want to loose those strangers, the people who had left the "candles of inspiration", encouraging words of complement, they, who eventually became my friends, whom I've never met.

They are wonderful people who are nice, kind, creative and witty. They are the reason I'm still here writing, writing simply, to whatever ability level that I'm at. If one day, for some reason, I had to leave this place, I would walk away with great memories and experiences I went through with these people. I hope that more candles would burn and give brightness to "A Little Time".

I found satisfaction in appreciating others, of course those who deserve it. It is great to appreciate and be appreciated, and I found it here in this place.

I left the hut with the candles burning bright and turned off the computer.


  1. Awesome post, happy to be your friend!

  2. Nice metaphoric post !

    You're right, it's nice to appreciate and feel appreciated - even better when it's by people you respect.

    I was surprised by the quality of blogs when I first started my own hut... There're some great writers out there, from every country, every continent.

    Keep on blogging, I'll read at candlelight ;)

  3. “…writing is not my passion, I'm not good at it at all…”

    Now, that is not true at all. You are a talented writer. You are skilled in creating a continuous flow of ideas. That is difficult for many people. You have a voice that is strong and caring. You know how to use words to convey your message.

    You are a great writer. And, you will only get better. Practice will make you even more skilled.

    As for your friends, I’m glad they have been so kind to you. You deserve those beautiful candles. You deserve “A Little Time.” I’m proud of you, Zunnur. You just keep writing. You keep telling your stories. You keep those candles burning.

  4. Congratulations, Zunnur! I have given you an award. Please visit my blog and claim your prize

  5. Very nice post. It reminds me that one could expect kindness even from strangers. It's a good reminder. :)

  6. This is good writing and I liked it.Thanks for sharing.Wish you well

  7. Zunnur .. Thank YOU for being one of my candles too. You always leave an uplifting message every time you visit my site!!

    Frankly, I was surprised to notice that in real life, you are indeed an engineer. My 1st impression was that you must be working in journalism.

    My friend, YOU ARE SUCH A GOODWRITER so don't say you can't write! ..
    Please keep on writing and we, your friends in this blogsphere, would bring more candles to brighten your hut..

    Have a pleasant weekend for you and your family.

  8. As I was reading this post I could almost imagine the hut that you were describing and I could almost picture you scribbling down on a piece of paper.

    That was simply beautiful. One of your most beautiful if I may say so. And I agree with Annita you are a very good writer.

    Like you I felt that way when I started blogging, i felt like i was only talking to myself. Now it's different and I feel so happy to be among friends. =) Have a great weekend, my friend.

  9. This heartfelt expression of your journey to and with 'A Little Time' gave me chills as I digested every word. You are truly a tender soul which is quite evident in your prose.

    I'm glad I strolled past your little hut one day, it's truly come alive with passion.

    ~leaves a candle on Zunner's table~

  10. Beautiful story--keep writing!

  11. I loved your story! And I agree with the others... keep writing.

  12. You have a definite way with words. Beautifully written. What a wonderful metaphor. As the metaphor came into view your style just held me and sent tingles down my spine. WELL DONE!!!

  13. “…writing is not my passion, I'm not good at it at all…” I must disagree :) as I think you are very good at writing. I really enjoyed your story and vividly imagined the hut and the candles, and someone writing there :)

    Very inspiring!

    Have a lovely week!

  14. Bob,
    Thank you very much. Its a pleasure to have you as a friend. Your blog is full of knowledge, I learnt a lot of things there.

    With all the candles burning bright, with all these great people encouraging me, I will do my best to keep on blogging. Thank you very much for being a friend.

    You have continuosly inspired me since I "met" you. Those words are priceless, thank you very much. I'm not a writer, I struggle to keep my language correct, but with the support I receive from people like you, I am getting better. You may imagine me like an old engine, fueled and ignited by my friends, without them, I stop running :-)
    Thanks a lot for being a friend, and for giving me the award, I appreciate it very much!

  15. Eagerblogger,
    Thank you very much. I'm glad that I had "met" some of the kind "strangers" here in blogosphere. Its a pleasure to have an Extra Super Mom like you as a friend :-)

    Thank you very much for visiting my blog and I'm very glad that you liked it. Hope to see you again in the future.

    I'm so happy that you felt that way, I'm glad that my words are appreciated, thank you very much. I'm not a writer. I struggle to keep my words right. Wonderful friends like you have helped me to improve. I need the candlelights to write. Thank you for all the kind words of encouragement you've given me since I "met" you.

  16. Sophiagurl,
    Thank you very much for the words of complement, I truly appreciate it. You were one of the first to light up a candle in my little hut, and I'm very glad that you're still here to keepmy hut bright.

    That was a very beautiful expression, I'm touched by your kind words. I'm not only glad that you strolled past my little hut, but I'm also very glad that you lit a candle in it.Thank you very much for being a friend!

    Preyanka & Two Feathers,
    Thank you very much, I will keep on writing, thanks for being my friends, I appreciate it very much.

  17. Monday Morning Power,
    Thank you very much, I'm impressed with the way you arranged your words to make this comment. Hope you would be happy to be in my list of friends.

    For you, I would consider removing the "at all" and make it as "I'm not good at it", but if that is true, I wouldn't have come to the level without the support from my friends. Thank you for being one of them.

  18. Hello, Zunnur. In my opinion, you are a star blogger. Nay, you are a Blogging Star! You know what a Blogging Star needs? An award, of course. Please visit Into the Inkpot and claim your award.

  19. By the way…

    You stated, “You may imagine me like an old engine, fueled and ignited by my friends, without them, I stop running.”

    That is a brilliant simile, Zunnur. Great writing!

  20. Erina,
    I'm surprised and speechless. You're an amazing writer and to receive another award from you is a real honour, thank you very much.


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