04 November 2007

When I was away

I parked my car beside the apartment building where I live. My neighbour's car was parked in front of mine. His car's registration plate caught my eyes. It read WEN413, quite funny but it reminded me of my friend, Wen. I smiled and walked into my apartment unit and stretched myself out on the sofa. I took the magazine on the table and read an article. The writer tried to blend in some humour into his writings but it was not as good as the way Zhu used to do it, and the pictures in there, were not as interesting as what could be found in Shirley's blog.

I got up and walked into my room. I turned on my computer to check out my email. There were two messages from my friends, Laurie and Sophiagurl, asking if everything was alright over here. Both of them were the very first persons I "met" when I started off and I was very glad that they are still in touch with me. I looked at the calender and noticed that I have been away for more than a month now. I thought that it was time for me to pay a visit to
"A Little Time".

I walked into the busy city. From far, I could see my ugly little hut sitting in between some large beautiful houses. At the far end, an attractive clock at Ambre's place is proudly displaying the time. I haven't entered this city for some time now. I used to come here quite often before. In the beginning, I used to visit this place during my free time but as time went on, without me noticing, I had been spending more and more time here. In fact, I had quite often been finding time to get into this place.

When I was away, I noticed that there were other things that I had not been doing properly for the past few months. I guess, I'd been spending too much of my little time in this place. It was not a regret as I'd been enjoying my time here, only that I should have been more careful in planning my time. I didn't even realize that in time, this place has slowly grown up to be part of my life. I somehow became attached to this place.

When I was away, I read an interesting post titled "Why do you Blog" written by my friend, Mel. It talks about the different reasons why people blog, and his post had turned into a long conversation. His post had set me thinking of why I had been spending my time here.

I walked straight to my little hut. I noticed that the hut was not dark, Erina had been so kind to keep the lights on when I was away. I checked my mailbox before the entrance. There were some messages for me. I sat down in front of my hut and carefully read all the messages one by one. They were all nice and beautiful words from my friends. There were some awards from a very nice person, my friend Annita. I was touched. These people whom I've never met had me in their thoughts while I was away.

They were the people whom I missed when I was away and I guess, the reason I'm back here right now. I was actually thinking of moving out of this place but then, looking back at the time and efforts that I had put in to build relationships with others, being blessed with nice wonderful bloggers as friends, I decided to enter this place again. Hopefully I could manage my time better this time. I don't think I could do the little bit that I had been doing before, as my time would be limited this time, but I would like to continue being part of this community.

I kept the messages, stood up and looked at the sky. The sun reminded me of Bob Johnson and his Astrostuffs. I stretched myself and looked at my watch. It was still early. I decided to start off by visiting Eagerblogger and Sweetgirl. I turned and walked into the busy street, looking forward to greet my friends.


  1. How sweet!! Great story!

    It's nice to see you back :) btw, I have given you an award. Please drop by to my blog and you will find it there :)

  2. La delirante,
    Thank you very much. Its nice to see you too, and thank you very much for giving me the award, I really appreciate it, my friend.

  3. Zunnur,

    It's a lovely post that you wrapped all of us with your gentle words :)

    Glad you didn't move out from the hut. You did mention about leaving but never thought that you did seriously thinking to .. leave :(

    I've been blessed too to know you as my friend. Words may fail to express how gratitude I am for the friendship

    Thank you for thinking me as a nice person. You just made me blush ^_^

    Hope we would bring enough candles for your hut. Please let us know if perhaps we should bring in any GENERATOR ?? ^_^

    Take care my friend.

    Wishing you a week filled of wonderful blessings: for you and your family

    ~ Annita

  4. Hey, Zunnur so glad to see you back here with this lovely post. I agree with Annita you did it very well wrapping all your friends in those sweet words.

    Hope you are here to stay. God bless you my friend.

  5. Zhu,
    Glad to see you too and thanks for having me in your thoughts, I'm very happy to have you as a friend and hopefully, I would stay on with all of you.

    Thanks, my great friends deserve the kind words. Yes, I was quite seriously thinking of leaving. I tried to reflect the real situation in my post.
    Hey, that's a good idea, yes, please bring me a generator, and make sure you provide the fuel as well :-)

  6. Sophiagurl,
    Thanks for your kind words. I thought that I should make my come back with an appreciation to my friends as without them, I'm pretty sure that I would have left my blog.

  7. zunnur,

    sure I'd bring you the fuel :) Donuts would do? or pizza ?.. .well not as delicious as rendang/ketupat/curry chicken/laksa/spicy crabs/etc ..

    Talk to you later my friend :)

  8. Zunnur, good to see you again, just like an old friend I haven't seen for awhile, you have a different view on life that I like to read about, good to see your back.

  9. Annita,
    That was so kind of you, bring me all of them and we'll eat together :-)

    Thank you very much. Good to see you too, and I'm glad that you liked my posts. I missed your blog and all the great knowledge in it when I was away.

  10. Zunner,
    This comment is in response to the comment you left on my site. I thought that it was important that you see it.

    This is what the entire "Process," that I am writing about in installments, is all about. May I suggest that you go to the beginning and read through the entire "process." I am about 2/3rd complete, In about 2 weeks I will start posting the final section which will bring it all home.

  11. What a sweet post that was! Welcome home!

  12. zunnur,

    I'd bring all those foods. but just wondering if UPS/Fedex doesn't mind shipping digital foods.

    sure, it'd be awesome if we could enjoy the foods w/ everybody here and .. your family (your wife and your 2 li'l princesses).

    Talk to you later!!
    ~ Annita

  13. So, so good to "hear" you again. You were very much missed.

  14. Glad to see you back! I really think you're a great story teller.

    I've been busy with my family too and was kind of absent from blogosphere for some time. But as you said, we all have our priorities. Have a wonderful day!

  15. Hi Zunnur, hope you're having a great time. God bless!

  16. Hello Zunnur ..

    how are you there?? ...haven't heard about you for sometime :) ...

    I'm taking my break now. yes, this week is my last week here. honestly i'm not sure if I'd go back here. I surely miss being here but I don't think I could afford the little given time we have in a day.

    Wishing you a happy holliday :)
    THANK YOU for the friendship
    THANK YOU for every drop of encouragements

    Take care there ...

  17. hey nice blog ...

    would like to exchange links with u

  18. Zunnar,
    How are things? We all miss you....happy belated New Year, my friend.

  19. hello Zunnur..just thought about you today and wondered how are things with you and the family.

    God bless!


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