18 November 2012

Some Random Things About Me


I was not feeling well for the past few weeks. It all started about three weeks ago when I had high fever accompanied by bad coughs and body aches. I was unable to work for five days and most of the time I rested on bed. The high fever went down after two torturing days but I still had mild fever on and off for a few days after that. The coughs continued on and caused me chest pain. I also had pain on my cheek bones and it caused dark circles and tiredness in my eyes that I could not read or look at the computer for too long. It was a constant discomfort and aggravation. The doctor told me that my sinusitis, which I have had for the past many years, was infected. At the moment, my condition has improved much. I'm still on medication and hoping to get well soon.

Getting ill is part and parcel of life. I like to think that illness of the body is cure for the soul. Illness teaches us to be humble and patient. It make us realize that there are always others who are in much worse medical situations. It teaches us to be grateful with the health we are blessed with. Life is not always about sunshine and rainbows. There are lightnings and storms too to make us better and we are left to choose the way we shelter. I also believe that illness is the way our body tells us to slow down and reset.


Epsita from Attitude Is Everything has tagged me with Liebster Blog Award. According to the rules, I have to answer eleven questions that were posed to me and have to write eleven things about myself. Following are my answers;

Eleven random things about me:

1. I prefer comfortable clothes over trendy ones.
2. I like chocolates, chocolate cakes, chocolate drinks, chocolate ice-cream and donuts with chocolate topping.
3. I'm quite a quiet person at work but I talk a lot at home.
4. I hate going to work not because I hate my job but because I hate the apathetic culture and favoritism that plague the workplace.
5. I hate selfish and unscrupulous drivers and wish that they are all sent to another planet, preferably the Planet of the Apes. They often spoil my day.
6. I like guitars and Heavy Metal music; however, I'm selective and only listen to the bands and songs that suit my taste. I verily love the sound of guitar with distortion.
7. Although I'm into Rock and Heavy Metal, I like to watch videos of Shania Twain performing "You're Still The One." I can't help but to feel that the song comes deep from her heart. It's a great love song.
8. My best friend is my wife.
9. If given the choice of spending time with my family or anyone else, I would always choose my family.
10. If given a chance to hug someone right this very moment,  I would choose to hug my mom.
11. I hate slow computers and right now I feel like throwing one out of the window!

My answers to the eleven questions:

Your Favorite Blog? 
I don't have one specific favorite blog as most of them are so lovely. Blogs listed in my reading list are some of my favorites.
What is the one beauty item you can't live without? 
Soap (and of course with water) to wash my face daily.
What you find difficult to deal with: Lie or Jealousy? 
I can handle jealousy but I just can't tolerate lies and deception.
How do you spend your free time? 
I play with my kids and watch television with them; I clean up the house and do a bit of reading and writing; I visit and read blogs; sometimes I listen to my favorite songs of the old days. 
If given a chance what will you choose next as your favorite genre for writing? 
Short stories and poems that reflect life and memories.
Your present genre? 
I don't have a specific genre for my blog. I write whatever comes across my mind. I write about my personal experiences, my thoughts and sometimes I write poems.
What advice would you give a new Blogger? 
Write when you feel like writing and let the words flow naturally from your heart. When you're truly in the mood to write, words will flow so much easier.
What are the best five words that would describe you? 
Simple, honest, caring, slim, thinker. The negative ones have been omitted to make it five.
Are you scared of anything? 
Centipedes and Dentists; they are two different species altogether.
What TV shows do you watch? 
SpongeBob SquarePants, Oscar's Oasis, Transformers Prime; mostly kids stuff.
Sunrise or Sunset? 
Both of them are so beautiful but I would choose sunrise as it brings a new day and a new beginning. It reflects freshness and new hope.

Thanks for the tag, Epsita.

(Fever illustration by Ayeletkeshet)


  1. Hey Hi, It was gud to know a little about you... Before the blogs It was fun to read about the blogger..
    I hate my workplace too, favoritism and selfishness thrive and make it a sad place..

  2. Well said brother .
    Slim . Its sound sexy . :)
    Get well soon .

  3. Awww.. I love learning these things about you! Hug your mom? That is so sweet. You are obviously a very kind and devoted husband & father. Your family is lucky to have you! And I hope you are feeling better now and that the sinus infection is gone. Oh---I also love Spongebob!!!

  4. Good to know you better, but I would have loved to know what you read as a child, and what you read today.

  5. Salam Zunnur. I'm happy to know that you're getting better. I love the last paragraph of this post. It's really well-said and I've nothing more to add other than Praise be to Allah for He knows what we don't know and I believe there's a blessing in disguise.

    Congratulations for the Liebster blog award. You deserve it.I enjoy reading the answers for the tagged questions. At least, that makes me
    get to know more about you.

    Keep blogging! :)

  6. With such optimism it wouldn't be long before you are fit and fine.
    It was wonderful knowing more about you.

    Take care! :)

  7. Even I believe...suffering purifies our souls...Hope you are fine now :)
    It's great to know about you :)
    Take care!

  8. Be fit and smart :)
    Well, It is nice to meet you :)
    Thanks for your lovely comment
    Following your blog. care to follow back ?

  9. @manjulika,

    Thank you and welcome to my blog!
    Hours spent in a sickening workplace can be so torturing.

    @Kenn Ickmal,

    Thanks! Don't you think I'm sexy enough? :)

    @ Menopausal Mama,

    Thank you so much!
    My mom is getting older and I wish I could spend more time with her.
    I'm feeling much better now except for the pain in my chest and below my eyes, they still persist but not as bad as before.
    I like Spongebob, he's silly yet so cute and funny.


    Thanks! Honestly, I cannot say I'm very fond of reading since I did not read much. There are no great novels in my reading experience. During my childhood, I read Malay novels. One of the novel I enjoyed most was "Merbok" but I can't remember the author of this book. When I moved to secondary school, I read a lot of gamebooks (CYOA)and one of them which I could remember is "Castle of the Lost Souls." After I finished school, I did not read much because I was so much into guitars.

    At present, I'm more into religious books and short stories. I'm not good at my English Language so I always need a dictionary with me when I read. I always wish I could read more but time restrictions make it hard. Like I told you, nothing in my reading experience which I could be proud of.

  10. @Balqis,

    Wassalam. Thank you so much for your kind words. I will try to keep on blogging but I could not post regularly due to my limited time. I think it's better that way rather than giving it up altogether like I did before :)

    @Sui Generis Writer,

    Thank you so much for your encouraging words. I really appreciate it.

    @Sri Valli,

    Very well said. Perhaps we can also say that it is the price we pay for our spiritual transformation.


    Thanks! It's a pleasure to "meet" you too. Sure, will do.

  11. Nice blog. I agree with ur view on getting sick. During the initial years of my blogging I wrote on Being sick on plane! The air sickness can give an entirely different perspective to sickness. Hope u will visit it http://jerlyt.blogspot.in/2008/05/being-sick.html I was looking for ur widget to follow this site?????

  12. @Jerly,

    Thank you. I certainly will visit your blog and will also try to add the widget.

  13. My first time here, Zunnur. Pain and suffering is very much part of life. Good to know that you're feeling better.
    Your eleven random rants tell me you are a good human being. God bless...

  14. @Panchali,

    Hi! Welcome to my blog.
    You're right, pain and suffering is part of life and they train us to be stronger to face future difficulties in life.
    Thank you very much!

  15. Nice style to convey your thoughts. I would be visiting your place often :D
    :) Do take care of yourself!
    Congrats on being tagged for an award. I know what lovely feeling it is :)

  16. @Tanya,

    Thank you so much, I really appreciate your words.

  17. Congrats on your award! Thanks for the follow. It's always good to meet new friends :)

  18. @Anne,

    Thank you very much, Anne! Welcome to my blog, it's a pleasure to meet you.

  19. Sure hope you're feeling better.. feeling sick is terrible, almost as bad as slow computers.. geez, they drive me batty too. Congrats on the award.

  20. @Tfwalsh,

    Thanks,Tania. I'm already feeling much better now. I think I should be more considerate to the slow computers as they might have actually been infected with virus and feeling sick :)

  21. Get well and congrats on the Liebster :)

  22. Oh sorry you've been sick! But what a great outlook on it!

    And I think it's super sweet that your wife is your best friend. I feel this way about my husband, and I love to hear other couples express this. :0) Also, your comment on other drivers made me laugh. So true. And yay for chocolate!!!

    Great list. Thanks for sharing!

  23. @Ghazala Hossain,

    Thank you!

    @M. Christine Weber,

    Thank you, Mary! I just can't think of anyone else as a best friend, and it's so sweet that Wolverine is your best friend :)
    As for the drivers, they certainly deserve such punishment, don't they? :)
    Yay for chocolate!!

  24. Hi Zunnur,
    Sorry for being so late to read this! Loved your answers. It gave me a lot to know you as a person. Hope you are in your good health now! Do take care and keep writing. Just love visiting your writings again and again. Congrats once again and All the very best!!!


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