01 March 2007

An Appreciation of Time

Every human being has been allocated with certain amount of time for him to spend in this world. From a new born baby, we grow up to reach an age where we are able to manage our own time, and decide on how to spend our invaluable time.

Life is like a business where the time allocated to us is the capital, the capital for us to manage the 'business' wisely for a better future. Time is the currency that we use to exchange for other things in life. We only have 24 hours a day. A normal working person spends about 8 hours of his time to convert it into money. He may spend more of his time to earn extra income or he may also choose to do other activities that could improve his work-life balance.

Everyday, we continuously spend our time for so many things. If we spend it the right way, we get a good return. It all depends on us. Most of us are careful when it comes to spending money but we aren't that careful when it comes to spending time. We can earn money by spending time but we can't earn time by spending money.

Every single minute in life is so precious. If we live till the age of 60 and spend 8 hours a day for sleep, it sums up to 20 years of sleep in lifetime. I'm not saying that sleep isn't essential, it is just as an example for us to ponder.

In this blog, I will be spending some of my precious time writing my thoughts and experiences. Hopefully, the time that I spend here will be beneficial.


  1. Too bad time is so linear, I spend my time worse then I spend my money.

  2. Yes indeed!! I have been managing my time very poorly of late. The lady believes that she's died and went to 'blog hell'...Arrrrrrgh!

    This too shall pass, eh?

    Please forgive the lady for her untimely visit as I've been working relentlessly trying to add some interesting, interactive elements to my blog...

    I've been meaning to get over here as it is ONLY a click away and you are listed under my favorite reads, but I'm just a little behind.

    Great piece you wrote here. I enjoyed it immensely and it rings so TRUE!!!



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