03 March 2007

Live Within Your Means

There is a close relation between time and money. Money is one of the essentials in life. Normally, a person could not survive without money. It is in the mind of every normal person. Almost one third of our total time is spent to earn money. When we spend more time working, we miss other essentials in life. Why do some of us spend too much time to earn a living?

Some people work day and night in order to live a luxurious life. They buy cars and houses which they can't afford to pay with their daily income. They have habits of changing their mobile phones, TV sets, furniture and other things even when the old ones are still good. At the end, they have to spend their valuable time to earn extra cash to fulfill the urge of looking trendy.
If we can live a simple life that suits our income, much of our time can be used to improve our work-life balance. What's the point of living trendy life when you have to struggle to meet all the demands it brings.
What's the point of having luxury houses when you spend only a little time living in it. Isn't it better to live happily in an affordable little house and create beautiful memories with the loved ones. A simple life filled with joy and happiness is much better than a trendy life filled with haste, stress and tension.

Having said all that, however, if you're spending a lot of time now to build a business that will give you financial freedom in the future, I would say that its alright. There are also unfortunate situation where people work day and night but earn just enough to support their basic needs.
Life is not about wealth alone. We need to live life to the fullest to feel the beauty of other aspects in life. It is very important to set your standard of living to a reasonable level and to live within your means.

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