05 March 2007

Short Holiday Tips

One thing I enjoy most is going on holiday trips with my family. I love to hear the kids singing along the journey and to watch them playing on the white sandy beaches. As a busy man, I have to plan my holidays to suit the little time I have. I prefer going on several short holiday trips in a year rather than a long one once a year. Normally I travel once in every two or three months. The most important thing to me is to get the maximum out of the little time I spend on the holiday trips.

When you're planning for a holiday, the first thing you should consider is to plan a holiday that suits your budget but still a nice place to visit. Spend some time to go through the websites and ask your friends or relatives about their past experiences. Always remember, do not plan for a holiday that you want to show off to others when you come back. Your friends might have travelled far to great places for holidays but you don't have to do it if you can't afford it. I'm sure that there are great places nearby that you can enjoy yourself at low cost.

It is not really necessarily to spend a lot of money for a nice holiday. If you are trying to save money so that you can go for an expensive holiday trip later, you might end up waiting for a long time before you can actually go for a holiday. You will loose the time in between which you should be enjoying, not working hard to save money for one great holiday. Worst case scenario, you might end up spending the money you saved for something else that crops up in between. However, this is just a matter of opinion, everyone has their own way of thinking.

Don't forget to book your hotel or chalet in advance so that you will not waste your time looking for one later. Staying in a hotel and in a chalet are two different kind of experience. Both of them have their own advantages. If you have never stayed in a chalet, you should try one. My children like the chalets because they can play on the beach all day long while I can keep an eye on them from the chalet with a cup of coffee in my hand. Look for hotels or chalets which offer discounted rates but make sure that their facilities are good and comfortable.

The journey to your holiday spot can be a boring one for your children if you fail to create a joyful environment. Try to talk to them about things you see along the journey and get them to sing along with you. Try to stop a few times along the journey at nice rest areas to get refreshed and to keep your children happy. If the holiday spot you are going to is near to your place, you will save some time on traveling. If you are traveling somewhere far away, taking a flight will save you a lot of time but the disadvantage is you have to spend more.

One thing that will eat up your short holiday time is looking for souvenirs. Some people spend too much time searching for nice specific souvenirs for each and everyone they know. You don't have to actually hunt around for specific souvenirs to please other people. Try to limit as little time as possible for this. Remember, this is just a short holiday trip. Just grab a common souvenirs for everyone. The trip is for you to enjoy. Get a nice souvenir for yourself first and may be for your parents.

What I've written so far is focused on saving time and money. This may not be always right as it all depends on the situation.

For some people, holidays can be relaxing and they are fresh and ready to start working again. For me, most of the time I'm tired on the first day at work. Sometimes, I planned to get back from my holiday one day earlier so that I can have a day rest before returning to work but most of the time it doesn't work because the reserved day will end up becoming an additional day of the trip for me to enjoy.

The thing I hate most in a nice holiday trip is the journey back home!


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  2. The thing I hate most in a nice holiday trip is the journey back home!

    I strongly agree ! :)


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