29 June 2007

The Best Stage of Life

Time flies so quickly and it is still hard for me to believe that I've already crossed the age of 30. When I was 19 and the time for me to turn 20 arrived, I did not feel anxious, but when I was about to turn 30, I was a bit worried to enter the new decade of my life and feared that I was going to leave behind all the good and enjoyable stage of my life.

After going through the age of 30 for some time, I realized that I was wrong. I realized that there are always good and enjoyable moments in life, and I can't specifically tell which stage of my life which I've been through that I enjoyed most because the good times in life come in different forms and different kind of unique experiences. And of course, in every part of my life that I enjoyed, there are also bad and difficult times and moments of sadness and sorrow. This is a fact of life that everyone encounters.

When I was a kid, I really enjoyed my life because I don't have to worry about anything. There was no responsibility and everything was taken care of for me. My parents loved me so much and they took care of me very well although I was born in a poor family. I enjoyed this stage of my life very much.

When I started to go to school,I hated it initially because I had to do homework and sit for exams, but I was happy that I was able to learn new things and meet new friends whom I could play with. During this period, I also enjoyed myself rearing chicken in the backyard. My parents were quite worried because I was spending too much of my time with the chickens. I treated my chickens like pets and got so attached to them. At one time, one of the hens died and left behind three young chicks, I took care of the three until they grew up. I loved my chickens so much that I would cry if my parents wanted to kill my chicken for meal. I even named all my chickens. I enjoyed this stage of life very much.

I did pretty well in my primary school that I was offered one of the best boarding school for my secondary schooling. I was sad that I had to stay away from my parents and my chickens of course, but I had to go anyway since this is a great offer. Initially, I missed my hometown very much and I also had to go through difficult times as my friends and I were intimidated and bullied by the seniors. As time passed by, I found myself enjoying this stage of my life very much. I learned to be independent from my parents, met new friends and learned new things. I mixed around with both good and bad boys and enjoyed doing both good and bad activities, but not the very bad ones of course. I also got obsessed so much by heavy metal music and learned to play a guitar.

The sad thing was,after some time living in the boarding school,my chickens started to die and disappear until there was not even one left. There was nothing much I can do except to accept the fact that when you invite animals into your life, you will eventually watch them die. They will die like all other life forms even if you take good care of them.

5 years passed by and the time arrived for me to leave the school and all the good times. I was back to stay with my parents again. I did one or two temporary jobs while waiting for my exam results but most of the time I chose to remain jobless as I wanted to enjoy my life when there were no books,no studying and no exams. The best part at this stage was, I met a beautiful girl who eventually became my girlfriend. I enjoyed this stage of my life very much.

My exam result was announced and I was excited to be getting a good result. My parents were happy too. I received offers from a few colleges but I chose to join the company I'm working in now as an apprentice. I was happy to enter this new stage of my life. My parents did not have to financially support me anymore as I was paid monthly allowances. I met new friends and we stayed together in a rented house and often had fun cooking our own meals together. I bought a brand new motorbike which is still with me. I also went through a good time when the training school sent us to Scotland for a few months course. When I was there, I bought myself an electric guitar and spent most of my time after that playing it. I also had many good times jamming with my friends. The sad thing at this stage was I broke up with my girlfriend. However, I enjoyed this stage as well.

Towards the end of my apprenticeship, I was studying very hard for my final exam and thought that I was going to enter the best part of my life getting paid as a professional, but I wasn't quite right. When I started working, I had to bear so much of responsibility and stress during the initial period. But after some time,I got used to it and started enjoying life again. I was able to support my parents and bought myself a car. I started to be more mature in thinking and understood better the reality of life. I started to do better things in life and felt great satisfaction. There was a big change in my lifestyle. After a few years, I faced a very difficult moment when my beloved father passed away.

Since I broke up with my girlfriend, I met a few girls but none of them really sparked much interest in me. I thought I would never meet someone who is better than my ex-girlfriend but I was wrong. One fine day, I met a girl who eventually became my loving wife. We went through exciting moments together and were so happy when we got our first child. I enjoyed those times very much.

And now, after 2 years having crossed the age of thirty, I'm still having a good time in life. The best part now is watching my children grow. I never thought that having children and to watch them grow is so exciting.

Having said all this, I guess that happiness felt by an adult is different from the one felt by a young person, I'm not sure.

Everyone has their own memories of their life that they will treasure and cherish, that brings a level of comfort and peace, and sometimes sadness when recalled. There are also some good or bad moments we went through that had disappeared from our memory. Going back to an old place or listening to an old song sometimes tends to bring back those forgotten memories which have disappeared in the progress of time.

Life goes on and time never waits.


  1. Just found your blog.. Great stuff, I will be back often..

    Peace - John

  2. they say it's not the number of years but the memories that you create along the way that makes life wonderful. great post. God bless!

  3. I LOVE that you share your life with other bloggers like this. I love that you think so wisely and I understand more so the info about bringing animals into your life also means that you need to respect the death factor.


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