21 June 2007

Everything Has A Limit (The Goldfish Story)

A goldfish was swimming happily in a fish tank placed on a table in a beautiful house. It has been living in the tank for the past few months since the owner bought it from a fish store. The owner was a nice man who took good care of the fish and fed it very well. The fish had grown fat with all the nice food being fed to it. The fish was happy to live in the tank because what it liked most was to fill it's stomach with all the delicious food. Most of the time, it spent its time resting at the bottom of the tank waiting for the next feeding time.

One day, a neighbour and his son came to visit the man at his house. The neighbour's son, a little boy, was attracted to the fat goldfish. He went near to it and slowly knocked on the the fish tank to make the lazy goldfish swim but it didn't.

"Why isn't the fish swimming?" asked the boy.
The man came close to the boy and said "You have to pay her to make her happy and she will swim".
He gave a can of fish food to the boy and left to make some coffee.

The boy was delighted and started to feed the goldfish. The fish was so happy that it started making all kind of swim styles. The boy got excited and started to throw in more and more food as the goldfish ensured that not a single piece of food was left over.

This continued on and on until suddenly, the goldfish felt drowsy and could not see clearly. It's body became extremely painful. It started to loose its balance and slowly sank to the bottom of the tank. It suffered for a while and eventually died.

This is just a story I created, but I had unintentionally killed my fish by overfeeding them when I was a small kid. It is a fact that fish may die due to overfeeding. Everything has a limit. The reason I wrote this is because the majority of the workers at my work place are willing to continue working and working,day and night,when they are offered with overtime work. They love it because of the nice overtime money being paid to them at the end of the month.

Quite recently, the company had put a limit on the working hours. Every worker are only allowed to work for a maximum of 12 hours per day and a maximum of 6 days per week. This was implemented after an incident occurred a few months ago which involved workers who are working excessive hours. The incident gave a bad reputation to the company.

A lot of workers were frustrated with the company's decision to limit their working hours as this will give an impact to their pay. However,the new rule lasted only for a few days after which the company had no choice except to let the workers work the extra hours and 7 days a week, however, this is allowed on 'as and when required' basis only.

Whenever there are many projects going on simultaneously, there will be a high shortage of manpower. The only way for the company to meet the deadlines is to 'feed' the workers with plenty overtime and temporarily break the new rule. The workers get what they want while the company benefits from the on-time projects.

Sometimes I feel sorry for the workers that they have to work all those extra hours and push their bodies to the limit. We are humans and our bodies need rest. Everyone of us knows our bodies better. We shouldn't let our body get exhausted everyday. We don't want a sudden breakdown of our bodies to occur while we are busy clocking the overtime hours. We don't want to get hurt one day and that may be very painful. If we don't stop for a while now, we might have to stop forever.

I hope that what I've written here will first be an advice for myself.


  1. Very nice post. I like how you started it with a story...and it is very, very true.

    Food for thought (but not too much food!)

  2. Don't stop posting such stories. I like to read blogs like that. By the way add some pics :)


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