18 March 2008

Difficult moments

A few of my friends asked me about my disappearance from blogging during the past few months with my blog left unattended, and about me spending less time blogging lately.

Year 2007 didn't end well for me just like 2008 didn't start off smoothly. Towards the end of 2007, my apartment unit suffered from fungal attack. It set me off on a long mission to get rid of the fungi. I utilized my free time during weekends and after work to clean and paint the walls and my furnitures. Cleaning alone seemed not to work as I had tried using many types of cleaning fluids but the stubborn fungi kept growing after a few days. Cleaning followed by a few layers of paint or clear coats helped to stop the fungus growth. I was doing the job slowly and in stages to avoid getting overwhelmed and exhausted.

Most of the cleaning and painting in the major areas were completed when I realized that the cold symptoms my children were suffering from for the past few months had reduced much. I guess it must have been the fungi which has caused their health problems.

2008 appeared and I was still on my job to get rid of the fungal infection. It was my birthday when suddenly I got a fierce fever with terrible body ache. Initially, I thought that it was due to exhaustion from the painting job I was doing. I waited for four days before I was admitted to the hospital. I was diagnosed as having dengue fever.

It was a nightmare. Thank God, I survived from the virus attack and was discharged after five days and was on medical leave for a week. I lost some weight and was very weak for a couple of days before I recovered. Since then, my "anti-fungus mission" was put on hold.

After that, I was quite occupied with helping my sister in preparing for her wedding. Her simple but cheerful wedding ceremony went on very well despite some remarks passed by a few rich relatives and neighbours who felt that we should have spent more for a greater ceremony. Anyway, for me and my sister, we were very much satisfied and happy with the simple arrangements we made.

Apart from all this, I had also been constantly put on tight schedules at work. The company started a big transformation plan last year to recover from the continuous profit loss it was suffering for the past few years and also to compete with other world class maintenance organisations. Although it was good for the growth of the company and the company did declared a huge profit recently, it also deprived me of my invaluable time.

Although I don't blog often, I'm touched and so glad that some of my friends are still here to give me their support. I must thank all of you for being such wonderful people.

I guess this weekend is a good time to do some painting and to get rid of some of the stubborn fungi.


  1. Hi Zunnur,

    I can totally relate to you about busy times, but what I am really thankful right now that you have overcome the Dengue Fever. I guess we should celebrate your fast recovery.

    And the strange fungi I do hope your house would be free of that so your kids won't get sick. I will be praying for you my dear friend and I am really glad you are back!

    God bless!

  2. Sophiagurl,
    Thank you very much.
    Those fungi are really strange and stubborn. Actually, I had this same problem when I first moved to this apartment a couple of years ago. I had to throw away some of my furnitures that time because the very bad infection. After that, the problem disappeared for a while before giving me a hard time again now.

  3. Dengue fever? Oh my, that sucks. Hope you're okay now... you certainly had a lot on your plate!

    Hope the next months will be smoother... ;-)

  4. Zhu,
    It was a nightmare. They had to sample my blood twice a day to monitor my platelet level and it was like waiting for exam results everytime the samples were taken.

  5. Hola Zunnur, thanks for stopping by my blog! I hope u're having a good weekend! :)

  6. Mariuca,
    You're welcome. Not really a good weekend, I'm busy painting my room. I don't hate painting but I hate the surface preparation needs to be done before painting.

  7. Hi Zunnur,

    Thanks for dropping by my page. Fungi attack yikes... go get some bleaches and stuffs and wash them off first then dry before painting, or else it will come back again.

    Welcome back to blogging and as a treat (hahaha) Tag you are it! Go see my blog and follow instructions!

    Happy Easter! :)

  8. Earthlingorgeous,
    You're welcome and thanks for dropping by too.
    I've tried using bleach, fungicide and other stuff but in some cases the fungi reappear after some time. May be the cleaning was not done properly or the fungi are really some stubborn ones. Those on the walls are easier to be treated compared to the ones on my furnitures.

  9. Hi my friend! Glad to see you back :) I hadn't forgotten you! Sorry to hear about the dengue fever and the fungi attack :( I hope you are feeling much better now and that the annoying fungi will disappear from your walls and furniture.

    Congratulations on your sister's marraige! Rich relatives...they are always so annoying and disdainful, always trying to show to the whole world what they believe inside, that they are better...yeah, right!

    Have a great week!

  10. La Delirante,
    Thanks for being a great friend.
    Although it is very frustrating, I've just noticed one good thing about the fungal attack, I painted the whole interior of my apt unit! Otherwise, I won't bother doing it :)

    Yeah, some rich relatives coming all the way just to spoil the good day with some unnecessary words.

  11. Wow. You have really been busy. I am so sorry to hear about your virus and the fungal attack. I hope you're finding time to take it easy every now and then and 2009 offers you a much better year!

  12. Sorry to hear this, I hope everything got better.


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