25 March 2008

Seven facts about me

I was tagged by Earthlingorgeous from My Happiness Haven a couple of days ago. I have to write seven facts about myself, some random and some weird and here it goes;

1) I appreciate time more than anything else. I always feel that time is insufficient. I never had my to-do list cleared up. I'm not sure whether it is time that is insufficient or it is my time management that is bad. I think sometimes I'm busy and sometimes I'm lazy.

2) I always try my best to finish my work fast so that I can go back early but my co-workers always try to slow down the work so that they could stay on longer for overtime. I'm trapped in a work place where people are willing to stay for overtime as much as they're allowed to.

3) I don't carry my wallet to work. I only bring my cards in a card holder and some cash in my pocket. I bring my wallet only if I'm travelling far. I don't like to carry bulky things in my pocket.

4) I like things that are neat and simple. I like to keep the furnitures in my house to a minimum. I can still bear untidiness but I can't stand dirtiness although I hate to do cleaning.

5) I don't like to wear a hand watch. I never bought one for myself. I'm keeping those I received as gifts in my drawer.

6) I hate debt. I prefer driving my old car which is still running good rather than a superb new car with an outstanding loan to the bank. Unfortunately, sometimes people think that I'm stingy.

7) I have difficulties getting up from bed in weekdays although I sleep early the night before but I can jump out of bed early in the morning during weekends although I have a long night the night before.

I would like to pass the tag on to my wonderful friends, Sophiagurl, Laurie, La Delirante, Zhu, Mariuca, Sigroid75 and

And to Earthlingorgeous, thanks for tagging me.

Here are the rules:
1. Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog
2. Share seven facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird
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  1. Hmmmm Zunnur I have to say these are random things about you and not weird ones ... I hate untudy stuffs, I procastinate lots, I don't wear wrist watch, I don't use wallets, I don't like overtimes too! :p

    thanks so much for your help :)

  2. Earthlingorgeous,
    You're right, I couldn't find anything weird about me, like eating "Milo" sandwiches :)
    Anyway, we have some similarities, aren't we?

  3. hello! what is this tagging about? please let me in on it. sounds like fun...heheh no problem about the weirdness, things are better that way.

  4. Sigroid75,
    Since I tagged only 6 friends, there is still one more place for you, you're tagged!

  5. Hi Zunnur. Thanks for including me. I couldn't help but to think that not wearing a hand watch has something to do with your personality- that of not being a slave by time.

    After all, we're here in the world only for a "little" time so we must savor every moment without being so conscious of the time.


  6. zunnur,

    thanks for the visit and the comment. i welcome your invitation to be friends. hope we can exchange links and tags.

    have a nice day everyday.


  7. hi Zunnur, lovely getting to know you better through this tag and find out we have things in common. Thank you so much for including me in your tag. And to find things

    Great to have you back regularly here in Bloggerville =) God bless you always my friend.

  8. Nina,
    You're welcome and its good to see you here. You've got a creative way of thinking, relating the wrist watch to my personality, thanks.

    The main reason I don't wear a watch is because I always try to carry as little things as possible. I don't even attach a key chain to the bunch of keys I carry. The other reason is because I use my mobile phone to check the time.

    That's true, very little time we have with so many things to do. If we keep chasing the time to accomplish everything, we might end up stressed out and accomplish nothing.

  9. Dadaism,
    You're welcome and I'm very happy with the start of this friendship :)

    You're welcome and hope to know you better when you post yours. I was quite free this week that I chose to spend some time here in Bloggerville with my friends. As I always say, my friends are the reason that I'm still here.

    Thanks for being a friend, I appreciate our friendship very much :)

  10. Hello Zunnur ..

    thank you for stopping by at my site the other day. Errr, as you could tell, I am still on my break ^_^

    well, reading this post I guess we have a couple things in common.

    I, too, drive an old card. Proud of it as it's superbly fuel efficiency. With the high gas prices these days, sometimes I feel sorry to people who own big extravagant cars. Geezzz.

    Waking up in the morning is my battleground too. I don't have alarm clock in my room. Already have 'the substitute'-My daughter... hehehe

    bye the way, about our moving: we're in the process of putting our belongings in a storage. tomorrow if time allows, perhaps we'll book our tickets to Jakarta :)

    Wishing you a blessed weekend.
    Take care there, Zunnnur.

  11. Hello Zunnur,
    Thanks for the comment :). I wasn't really that tough. I was a bit scared before we started rafting, but when i was there, it felt more fun. I just conquered my fears! By the way, nice blog..very informative!

  12. Footprints,
    Thank you for dropping, I'm sure that you must be busy right now preparing for the move.

    Yeah, we definitely have to spend more if we own a big car, high fuel consumption, high tax, usually high maintenance cost and also expensive anti-theft system would be necessary. I think its okay if a person is financially strong but pity to those who struggled to own a big car just for show off.

    Wow, your daughter is really good! I'm using an alarm clock and "snooze" function is essential for me :)

    I would like to wish you a safe journey, may your new home brings joy and happiness to you and your family.

  13. Ellenjin,
    Thanks for dropping by, I appreciate it. You are tough, you are brave enough to give it a try and conquered your fear.

    Thanks for the complement but I always feel that my blog is dull and simple, I'm not good at decorating my blog :)

  14. I can tell from your blog title you have something with the time... ;-)

    I like these memes once in a while, a good way to know each other. I'll do it prob. next week end.

    No wallet? Man, I can't go out without my 10 pounds handbag! :D

  15. great to know more about you.

    Even I hate to get up early during weekdays,and can get early in weekends..

    have a great weekend

  16. Zhu,
    Thanks for your interest to participate. Yeah, this is something additional to our profile pages which is good.
    What? You carry rocks in your handbag??!!

    Sweet Girl,
    Its great to see you back after quite some time!!!

    Yep, I think that this is common to almost everyone except to those who do something they enjoy as their work or business, they're the lucky ones.

  17. Hi Zunnur,
    I want to thank you again for teaching me how to do links :) it's wonderful hahahaha! And hmmmmm you eat Milo sandwich? cool! hahahaha!

    Hey, I tagged you again but this time to write down your Statement of Gratitude :) see my blog for details...hope to read yours soon :)

    Happy weekend! :)

  18. Earthlingorgeous,
    Come on, I didn't say I eat "Milo" sandwiches, somebody else does that, yoo know :)

    Thanks for tagging me again, at least it will keep me going.

    Happy weekend to you too!

  19. Zunnar, thanks for the tag! And most of all, thanks for coming back and sharing your inspiring thoughts.....

  20. Hi Zunnur! Thanks a lot for the tag. I am sorry I didn't post it:( because I was so busy these last two weeks as I was moving :(

    Now I am back though and look forward to reading your posts :)

  21. Brenda Starr,
    You're welcome. I'm very glad to see you here. Yeah, I'm back, with the inspiration from you and the others. Thanks! Hope I could be consistent this time :)

    La Delirante,
    You're welcome. Don't worry, I understand your situation. I read your blog post about you being busy preparing for the move.
    Welcome back!

  22. Hola Zunnur! Boy am I late in coming here! Thanks for thinking of me, and it's great to find out a little bit more about you. Have a great day! :)

  23. Mariuca,
    That's alright, I understand that its hard to get a time off when you're in the middle of the war zone :)
    Thanks for the visit!


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