28 September 2008

Something that I missed

I have to get back to that place
It was a long urge within myself
I wanted to be there
for at least a little time
There's something that I missed
Something that I wasn't sure about

It was not the words
nor the complements
It wasn't about earnings
and not about ranks
It wasn't a passion
or an addiction

As I stepped into the garden
The smell of the flowers was wonderful
and in front of me
I found the thing that I missed
It was the flower of friendship
So sweet and lovely


  1. Hi Zunnur,

    So lovely to see you back. When I saw your comment on my post I was so thrilled. I was hoping you came back to Bloggerville. And with nice poem too, I am glad. =)

    I missed you too my friend. I hope to see you back here more often.

    God bless you always! =)

  2. Sophiagurl,
    Thanks for your nice words and thanks for having me in your thoughts when I was away. I will try to be back here more often to "meet" my friends.

  3. Zunnur!!! Welcome back, it's been ages, but YAY! You know, I was going through my blogroll today and I stopped at your link and I was just thinking about you and here u are! Thanks so much for dropping by my blog, and I hope to see more of u! :):):)

  4. Whoo-hoo! You're back!!!!!!!!!! We all missed your words so, so much.

  5. Hi Zunnur,

    Welcome back! Where have you been? Hope everything is alright.

  6. Hi,
    Thanks for your good words.

    It's really nice to be in the place ,you want to be.

    It's good that you are back.
    Even I got busy in my new life ,and couldn't write my blog, but now I want to write again.

  7. Glad to see you back friend! Thank you for dropping by my site.

    I hope everything is well with you and your family. :-)

  8. It's been since... May? Wow, time flies!

    Hope you're back for good.

  9. Hey Zunnur,

    Welcome back. It's nice to see you again...that's a sweet poem.

    I have moved by the way to these address :
    The Pinay Blogger

    Glad to have you back.

  10. So nice - I love it!



    -Liane Schmidt.

  11. Very lovely. Thank you for visiting. You are welcome anytime and I look forward to reading more of your posts:)

  12. Hi zunnur.thank you 4 visiting & commenting.i went through some of ur previous posts.i like ur words-so inspiring, and your thinking.do keep writing.then i'll keep visiting.

  13. I've felt that before. The desire to go to a certain place. But it wasn't the place itself I wanted to be in, but the people I longed to see that I used to know there.

    ~ Kristi

  14. Yes so sweet and lovely, I breathed deep when I got to the last verse

  15. Beautiful! Reading this caused me to hold my breath till the ending! Very nicely written!
    Thank-you for sharing!


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