16 October 2008

The Storm

The nice calm sea view and the crystal clear air that I was enjoying did not last long. Out of a sudden, dark rain clouds started to gather, erasing away every single sign of pretty sunshine. Lightnings sparked across the beautiful panorama, accompanied by loud cracks of thunder and angry roaring wind. Once again, a great storm arose.

In the near darkness, I held the steering wheel tight trying hard to keep my boat steady. Soon, I was soaked in the pouring rain. Frustration started to build in me as I helplessly struggled to hold to my course, hoping to survive the storm.

Every minute seemed to be so long and my patience began to fade away. Although I knew that it was not the time to regret, I just can't help but to blame myself for choosing this path of the journey.

I looked to my left and saw a big ship cruising steadyly through the storm. I wished I was inside the ship but I wasn't that lucky, I had to go through this painful trial.

When I looked to the right, my eyes captured a couple of small boats, some were far smaller than mine, hammered and battered by the strong wind and harsh waves. The people in the small boats were so determined. With dogged persistence and courage, they went forth fighting through the raging storm.

I realized that I wasn't alone in the struggle, in fact there were people striving against worse situation. A deep gratefulness welled up from the bottom of my soul as I held the steering wheel harder. The storm was here to make me a better person, just like the people in the small boats who had walked out of many storms before, experienced and stronger.

As my boat kept on rolling in the chopping sea, the big ship disappeared from my sight. The people in the big ship might not have survived if they were in the small boats.

A little smile appeared on my lips although the warmth of sunshine seemed a thousand miles away.


  1. Morning Zunnur! This was a pleasant visit, coming here this morning to have a beautiful piece from you for me to read and enjoy.

    Love this one Zunnur, I can picture u telling a story behind this tale, and I love interpreting it in my own way. Have a great Tuesday! :):):)

  2. hi friend zunnur! i have missed you so much! i am glad you are writing again. where have you been? well, for me, i have been pregnant and busy. but i am better now and hopefully, I can get back to writing in my blog and doing my rounds again. take care friend! :-)

  3. by the way, i have new inspirational stories at this address...


  4. as nice as always 4rm zunnur:-)

  5. Hi Zunnur,

    Thank you for your messages my friend. I am sorry for the late reply, it seems that now I am the one away from active blogging.

    My work-life is quite hectic nowadays and I have a big project coming up =(. My blog looks a little deserted and I thank you for keeping in touch.

    God bless you always!

  6. Zunnur, wonderful post! Best wishes to you as you navigate the stormy sea of life. - Nards

  7. And the calm always comes after the storm!

  8. I love the symbolism. It's so true....after the storm come the gifts.

  9. susah mana pun... hadapi dengan senyuman..

  10. Hello Zunnur!

    Thanks for dropping by. I've been very busy lately and seem to have no time to do things for myself (including blogging), lol.

    Have a nice month friend!

  11. hi friend!

    how are you? i have several new entries on my blog now....where have you been? :-D

  12. Hello! I stumbled upon your blog while blog hopping. You have great stuff here.

    I think, at one point or another, we are out in the raging sea — and whether we survive or not depends on our determination to ride the storm out. And what we would become after that, depends on how much lessons we are able to learn.

    Great post about life. I agree with you, our experience in the tumultous sea can make us become better person.

    Also, being in a safe ship all the time can cripple us as a person.

  13. Zunnur, thanks for visiting my site and for the prayers. I appreciate it very much. Hope you can visit again. Or you want to exchange link? Just tell me. thanks. Have a great evening.


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