08 November 2008

My Last Words

I was going through my old stuffs which I haven't touched for years and one of the thing that I found was this piece of expression written by me on the 15 March 1993 titled "My Last Words." Digging into those old stuff brought back some old memories, sad and joy.

My Last Words

Time is marching proudly
Days and nights awakened me
I slowly opened my eyes
And felt myself at the end
Now I realized
That the dream is over
But I'm lost in reality

Wasted time stared at me in anger
As I heard laughters from nowhere
This place once I loved
But nothing is left now
My feelings had fooled me
I'm left all alone here
Healing my wounded spirit

Trust and love I seeked
But everything disappeared so fast
Leaving me in sorrow
Thank you for the sweet dream
And sorry for the hurts
Goodbye forever are my last words

I felt great foolishness in me
Time could not be turned back
I have to accept this reality
A long journey lies before me
That I have to continue my walk
I stepped forward labourously
Leaving the dream behind me


  1. zunnar, it is obviously about a loss. what kind of loss? Love? friendship? I'm curiuos. so it made you feel sad and joyous. isn't that how mosf life's memories are? i'm just beginning to believe now that looking in the past would be a good habit to adopt.

  2. I bet you felt quite emotional reading that again! 1993... been a while.

  3. :) this one's really lovely i am glad you decided to share it

    i believe that we need to look back at our pasts (some times) to see the progess we have made


  4. Hello my friend, thank you for dropping by and asking about me I am doing okay and still a bit busy.

    This poem sounded sad. but the positive side of me always thinks that sometimes when a dream is gone...it's time to weave new ones.

    I hope you're doing great as well. God bless you my friend.

  5. the good thing is, you moved on...

    anyway, I saw you in poshpost and thought of inviting you to take a look at my blog. would appreciate it if you can share your views there.



  6. Thanks for stopping commenting on my pic! Never give up on your dreams!

  7. It's amazing how old pieces of writing can do that to you. It inspires me to take a look at something I wrote a while back to see the difference between then and now in where I am at emotionally.

    ~ Kristi

  8. zunnar, i love the honesty in it. your emotions were so alive in this poem. don't give up dreaming. hope is in the Lord. God bless you.

  9. oh wow! that is beautiful...and yeah, so very honest. you express yourself so beautifully...sigh...:D

  10. that's a great one. go ahead and chase your dreams :) i'm chasing mine now.

  11. That old piece really brought you to the surface there-nice job.

  12. What a beautiful piece. So honest and heart-felt.

  13. hi zunnur!

    pls check out my blog. i have a vocabulary tag for you, which i know u will perfect. lol

    take care! V:D

  14. mmm...i'm thinking of what you were actually facing at that moment that makes you wrote this...but whatever, it was in 1993 and i guess by now u hv already done with it.perhaps u hv let d bygones b bygones.

  15. hi zunnur...
    its been a while kan i tak send u some news..
    im ok.. and everything become ok..
    so how r u my friend?

  16. Hola Zunnur! You’ve been invited to my Award Gala! Congrats! :)

  17. Well-written piece. Thanks for sharing. :-)


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