29 November 2008

Venom of Despise

It was a dirty place filled with germs of dishonesty, jealousy, hatred and favouritism. He didn't had the strength to escape from there that he chose to look at things positively and stayed on. He walked through his days doing things his own way. He struggled to blend into the environment without being influenced by the rotten culture. He struggled to stay clean in that polluted place.

A silent alarm was sent throughout that a soul had gone against the norm. Some felt offended and some even felt that it was a threat. Dissatisfaction quietly propagated among the filthy hearts. Seeds of loathe began to spread around as the plants of disharmony started to grow.

He didn't notice the intense animosity behind the counterfeit smiles and laughters. He didn't realize that there were disguised evil serpents lurking around in the shadows, waiting to inject their venom of despise. He ignored the occasional harsh words thrown at him, the harsh words induced by suppressed anger.

As they watched his moves, waves of hatred from their wrathful eyes hit him constantly. The energy of detestation from their poisoning look absorbed into his body and slowly made its way through like an invisible venom. His soul slowly sank and his body sickened.

As his happiness decayed, they watched and watched with pleasure.
As he cried in despair, they smiled and laughed in satisfaction.


  1. That's kind of a cynical post... I like mankind. Most of time ;)

  2. Hi my friend, how have you been? That's quite a post, wondered what brought that on. Hehe.

    Take Care!

  3. hi zunnur,

    i don't know if you remember me, but i have always been grateful for the regular comments you have been making on my posts.

    i would just like to invite you once again and visit me at this blog and hope we can continue making connections.

    i wish you all the best...

    dada - : darkspark :

  4. you write with deep emotions... i can sense some pain in your writings. wonder where its coming from...

  5. Hello buddy :)

    I am stopping by today to say 'thank you' for your visits though I'm still gone.

    Been awhile for almost a yr, my inspirations to write may have turned sour as time goes by.

    Happy Idul Adha, my friend. To you and your family.

    May heaven blessings follow you.

    ps. I sensed pains on your writing. .... ummmm, the ugly blood sucking 'office politics'? ... just guessing :)

  6. wondering what brought that post on as well =)
    really appreciate your comments on my blog! Thank you and hope you would keep visiting.. and writing!

  7. Wow! Such a powerful post. The imagery and emotion in your writing is amazing. I hope this is not a reflection of something in your personal life. Incredibly painful.

  8. Hola Zunnur! You’re invited to join us on a BEAR-y special meme, have fun! :)


  9. lovely entry take care x

  10. Doesnt matter of what people around would do or say, as long as we are certain of what we are doing,just carry on.being alone or even death shouldnt be afraid of,i think,as long as we are doing d right things.take care.

  11. hye zunnur.. How r u ? Hope everything will b fine... Have a nice day friend..

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  13. Happy Holidays my friend! God bless you always!

  14. oh wow! that was very emotional friend zunnur. but so true. :-)

    how are you? how did you spend your holidays?

  15. hello zunnur!

    how are you? visiting you here. i have marriage updates in my blog.:-) hope you can check them out.

  16. hi zunnur. i don't know if you remember me... i am firefly wings. i have changed my blog and i hope you can drop by and rekindle and blog friendship.

    all the best!


  17. hey, what's up with you? hope you're doing okay. Take Care!

  18. Hi Zunnur! How are you?

    This post perfectly paints how the ugly side of the world works. Venomous, indeed!


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