23 February 2009

What's up with me??

Once again, I left the blogging world for a while and missed my friends who had always been in my thoughts when I was away.

Life had been so hectic for the past 2 months that I could hardly find time to sit in front of my computer.

Early last year, I wrote a post about my apartment suffering from fungus attack. I spent so much time cleaning and painting the walls and the furniture at that time.

End of last year, I noticed that the fungi had launched another silent attack. It wasn't as bad as before but I had to act fast to prevent them from spreading. This time, I chose to discard all of my wooden furniture that were infected rather than cleaning and painting them as I noticed that the stubborn fungi could still grow on the painted surfaces which were infected prior to painting.

Almost seventy percent of my wooden furniture were discarded and I've replaced them with furniture made of steel, glass and plastic. I had to avoid wooden stuff at this time until I really get rid of the fungi problem. My kitchen had been renovated with tiled concrete counter top and metal shelves. All the doors and some of the interior walls of my apartment had also been painted.

While the renovation was going on in stages, my wife safely delivered a baby boy. I had to go on a long leave after that to stay at home and take care of my wife and children. And while doing so, school started and I had to prepare my eldest child for Primary 1.

Although life was quite hectic and exhausting during the past weeks, it was also accompanied by joy and happiness. I enjoyed spending much time with my children during the long leave. It was also fun to watch the new look and concept of our home, and of course, the fun watching the new member of the family grew.

Thanks to all of my dear friends who have left their messages when I was away, reminding me that I was not forgotten even when I may deserve to be. I really appreciate it very much.

The war against the "evil" fungus has not ended yet. There are still a few more things need to be done. I pray that everything will be fine soon.

With my son who has started his Primary 1, and with the new baby at home, time has become tighter for me and my wife.


  1. Wow!!! A baby boy you must be very proud. And sad to hear about he fungi attack it must have made your wife worried with the new baby. So many things to be thankful for. God bless you my dear friend=)

  2. Congrate to u & ur wife.new born baby boy.hope d fungi attack will end soon.i'm still with my institution.still thinking:-)

  3. Hi zunnur,

    What a coincidence, I left blogging world for months too! I'm planning to write out my ideas and start blogging away, but improving my time management skill is what I need for now. Thanks for your comment in my blog. Tehe.

    Congrats on your new born baby. I suppose your good and bad news got married recently. Anyways those fungus might indicate growth. Growth represents improvement, as it knocks at your door (.. good news?). On the other hand, you have just increased the head count in the house (.. means spending a heap?).

    Seeing things in different angle tends to project different perspectives which will lead to a whole new feeling. I believe everything happen for a reason though. =)

    Have a nice day!

  4. Time is indeed so precious. So glad to hear everyone is doing well. Congratulations on your new addition to your family. Wishing you all the best for 2009.

  5. Hello, I tried earlier to comment unsuccessfully, Your little [real sad]prose reminded me of a canary I once saw who had escaped and the dowdy old british sparrows sure did not like his bright yellow coat and chased him-for his life I think :( stay well dear Zunner congrats on your family. :)

  6. Hi Zunnur!!!

    What a surprise! Sorry I had not been around but I thought that you had decided to stop blogging altogether. My mistake, I must have misunderstood.

    I am not blogging as before :( I barely have any time for myself now and I definitely don't have so much time (like before) to blog. Oh well, life is full of changes.

    Glad that you are blogging again! What a joyful event! You are a father again! Congratulations!!!

    Sorry to hear about the recurrent fungi attacks. I remember that you had mentioned it in the past. It reminds me of this wood worm that though you treat the furniture it tends to reappear. Sometimes as you did, it is better to replace the infected furniture.

    Keep in touch!

  7. Congratulation to the new baby! :)

    Yeah better discard those stuff that were infected. Take care.

  8. oh glad that you are back zunnur and congratulations on being a new dad! we are expecting one on the way this month. our little princess...our first. i am hoping she will come out soon, because my tummy is getting really heavy. but i am still working and trying to finish some more projects before our little one will finally come. this is juggling between sleeping and eating and walking. hehe

    do drop by again. :D


  9. Congratulations on the new addition to the family. It's great that you did get to enjoy lots of time with your family, and that is more important than anything. :)

    Good luck in winning the battle against the fungus. I have been an apartment dweller for most of my life, so I can't imagine what it would be like to deal with something like that. Thee building owners are responsible for taking care of things like.

    ~ Kristi

  10. Congratulations on the baby boy! Does he have a blog already? ;-)

    Hope your wife is doing well.

    Looked like you had quite a busy life, I understand the no-blogging!

  11. Hi! How are you?

    It's been the same with me. Was extra busy the past 2-3 months, I neglected my blog for weeks, and did not even manage to visit my blogging friends. :-(

    But that's going to change soon, I hope.

    Good luck to everyday life. Enjoy every moment of it. :-)

  12. hey thanks for your comment on my post "home in may"

    i hope the fungus goes away soon i couldn't imagine anything more annoying(!)

  13. And our KLIA is always ready for their landing....


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